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Live Your Dream Grant

Postby AlpineDude » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:22 pm

I work for the AAC. For me, 14ers were a gateway drug into other adventures and mountains. I've never been a great technical climber, but I've always tried to find ways to get on other cool and challenging routes not necessarily in my backyard. Like many of us, my challenge to climb CA 14ers, or Rainier, or in the Tetons, was always time and money. Getting to Shasta this year with plakin was expensive. Booking a trip to hike Orizaba next month with iMan is expensive. But, check this out...

The AAC launched a new grant to help us out - the Live Your Dream grant. O.K., not me because I'm an employee... but definitely our 14ers tribe. The mission of the grant is to help climbers get to new routes that will challenge them and aid in their progression within our craft. It's a competitive grant within the Rocky Mountain region, but not exclusive to technical routes by any means.

You can find details at The grants are small - like $200 - $500 range. The application period opens up January 1, so you have plenty of time to dream up an adventure. You do not have to be an AAC member to apply.


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