Camera Lost on Babcock

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Camera Lost on Babcock

Postby ClimbingCooneys » Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:29 am

Chances are remote at this point, but on 7/15/12, we were climbing both the west and middle summits of Babcock in the La Plata group and we believe that we left a compact camera on the summit of West babcock. Went back up the Boren Ck access the following day and checked all places we stopped along the way as far up as the end of the tundra on the route described in Coopers book, but no success. A friend of ours climbed Middle Babcock the next day and found nothing on the summit or on the route. So since we also climbed the west summit, we're assuming that it might be there. It was a Canon SD850IS in a blue carrying case. The camra is silver. It's old and well used but replacement costs for a similar camera is fairly high. If not found soon, weather will probably do it in if not already (or marmots, goats or whatever else happens to wander up there.

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