Snow conditions near Glenwood Springs

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Snow conditions near Glenwood Springs

Postby llamaman » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:04 am

Not sure which forum this belongs in but I figured this was as good as any.

We'll be heading to Glenwood Springs for the Christmas weekend. We were thinking about bringing our XC skis for a couple of half-day outings while we're there. Does anybody know what snow conditions are like around there? The Bison lake Snotel shows 30 inches which is pretty good. What about closer to town? Is there enough snow to do some mild tele skiing? Any suggestions for where to go for a quick 3-4 hour ski? Thanks.
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Re: Snow conditions near Glenwood Springs

Postby madbuck » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:41 am

I had my x-country/backcountry skis out there just over a week ago (last weekend, ~8-9 days ago), nothing in town, but went up to Sunlight and had a very fun skin up under the full moon. The Babbish Gulch XC trails also had good snow. My skis are thin and sketchy and so is my tele technique, so being able to skin up Sunlight and do some green/blue runs, in addition to some touring around in the woods, was perfect. I don't know about Bison Lake, but Sunlight was worth the drive from Glenwood.

Otherwise, the lower elevation Aspen/Snowmass XC trails were definitely lacking.

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