mountaineering classes that don't meet on weekdays?

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mountaineering classes that don't meet on weekdays?

Postby scramble » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:22 pm

snow is a-coming, i've been in colorado for 6 weeks, and i don't wanna stop... the mountain party is just getting started!! plus i love hiking up, hate hiking down and love skiing so i may want to go that route if i ever get the required skillz. the only thing is that i am a hosed graduate student and really ought not leave the lab/books until ~8 pm at the earliest. i could probably steal away early for a couple nights and do an avalanche class.

but i would like to take a million classes like on crampons, self-arrest... at night i have big dreams of glacier travel on very high mountains hehe! most of what i could find on google and on the forum had weekday lecture components. (which i'd be sooo down for if i worked 9-5, urgh!)

any suggestions for a mountaineering education that can stick to the weekends? another thing i was looking at was maybe just taking an avalanche course this fall, then taking an intensive course in the cascades for my summer vacation. can one learn effective self-arrest by watching a lot of youtube vids and then finding a safe slope to practice on? and if so, any suggestions? : ) oh and for all of the above, i'm really looking to minimize cost.

happy to hear all of your advice and opinions.

thanks a bunch,
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Re: mountaineering classes that don't meet on weekdays?

Postby jpfeif001 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:15 am

St Mary's Glacier is a good place to practice self arrest techniques. If you can, try to find someone to go up with you who has experience in this to show you the ropes. As far as classes, don't know myself, I have to take an Av course as well and will be enrolling my kids in it as well. Someone has to keep me in check, and since they have a tendancy to put me in my place as it is, they can also make sure I follow all the safety rules as well. Got to love my daughters.
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Re: mountaineering classes that don't meet on weekdays?

Postby COBuckeye » Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:17 am

Unfortunately I don't have much advice on mountaineering classes, but I will give a strong recommendation for the Friends of Berthoud Pass avalanche awarness classes. These will consist of one 3-4hr classroom lesson and an 8-9hr day on the snow at Berthoud Pass. The classes usually run Nov-Jan, and are in Denver, Golden, and Boulder. The on snow day is usually one of two weekend days in Feb. You can find more info on, though I don't think it has been updated in a while. I have taken a level I avy class and the FOBP class and found that the latter provides most/all of the most pertient info for safe backcountry travel. The only difference that I can think of is more snow science with level I (which is cool if you like science, but not helpful if you/your partner are buried in an avalanche). Finally, I am in no way associated with FOBP, but I do know some of the guys who work with them and I respect their knowledge/experience highly.
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Re: mountaineering classes that don't meet on weekdays?

Postby peter303 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:34 am

Most of them have their outdoors session on weekends.
I am aware of one or two day snow skills clinics offered through the CMC or REI.
Some are specifically oriented toward avalanche avoidance and rescure.

The REIs should be starting its avalanche seminars soon. They have several different levels through introductory and advanced.

CMC starts its evening High Altitude Mountain Course in Golden next week. Its a half dozen lectures on mountain climbing. Its a prerequisite for their field school and advanced trips to places like Rainier, Denali and Elbrus. The year I listened, Gerry Roach gave some of the lectures.

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