Mt Lindsey for a intro to more difficult routes?

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Re: Mt Lindsey for a intro to more difficult routes?

Postby GeorgiaTyler » Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:56 pm

I summited Lindsey today and had a blast. I have now decided that is my fav of all 15 that I have summited because of all the OPTIONs. The gully is loose but very easy, and yeah bring a helment. Stick to the right of the gully and you can move around and make your route as easy or as hard as you want, and it super solid. On my descent (I have yet to attempt anything harder than C3) I wondered over to the NW ridge just to scope it out, and I was going to go as far down as I felt comfortable (I could see the gully to my right and I had "escape" routes back to it if I felt it was necessary). Great decision because the whole thing was awesome, fun and not too hard, just the right amount of challenge. But I would recommend some rock climbing experience, just to make you more comfortable. Even on that crux there are many options, so stick to what you are comfortable with and have fun with it.
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Re: Mt Lindsey for a intro to more difficult routes?

Postby MichiganBrian » Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:17 pm

edhaman wrote:I would suggest Lindsey before going to class 3 routes like the Sawtooth or Kelso Ridge. If someone gets freaked-out on the standard class 2 route on Lindsey, they would most likely have big problems with those class 3 routes. And DO bring (and wear) a helmet.

I respectfully disagree. Things like the Sawtooth and the Kelso ridge are on solid rock, which to me, makes a huge difference. I took someone up Lindsey in June, for whom the top of the gully scared a little bit on the descent (after ascending the ridge with no problem), who was 100% solid and confident on the Sawtooth this weekend. The loose rock and angle of the slope at the top of the gully is way sketchier/scarier then anything on the Lindsey Ridge, the Sawtooth, or the Kelso Ridge in my opinion.

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