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Re: Dog suggestions

Postby Wuldier » Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:53 am

jamesandchelsea wrote:I imagine you'll have a million replies to your post, so I'll get my 2 cents worth in now...

I've heard from most people that have larger dogs (labs on up) that most have hip problems, etc.

not really man!

it all depends on what the owner knows about dogs.. i can name a lot of dogs that are bigger than 70lb labs that have very minimum % of HD problems.

i fully vote for "Bandogs" for them of you that dont know what a bandog is, its a dog that is mixed between any type of bully breed and a mastiff.. my bandog called Bo is simply amazing.. he is VERY intellegent and very powerfull and really loving and full of energy and really FAST(mine can catch a rabbit in open field full out sprinting even weighing 110lbs) and on top of all that you get kick butt protection when and if needed..

there are bandog breeders here in the USA but you have to know what you want from the dog before going to a breeder and asking someone like me first to point you in the right direction to the breeders i know of that breed for what you want!

here is the one i brought up.. "Bo" he is pitbul mix mastiff.

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Re: Dog suggestions

Postby Inky6900 » Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:49 am

Good luck on your quest for a dog!

Just in my humble opinion, many breeds would do well hiking or climbing. The bodies of dogs are built better than ours. Even tiny dogs have lots of power in those bodies. I think people make more out of size, speed, athleticism, etc. than a dog does. They just figure out a way regardless. You asked specifically about Class 1 and 2 climbs...keeping your dog in shape and hoping it stays injury free (in general) are probably the keys.

I have a 75 pound male Golden. A great dog, friend, and climber.
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