planning for season

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planning for season

Postby giarcd » Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:41 am

I certainly appreciate those who plan and complete a winter ascent and gain the rewards that provides. I spent the 2007 season preparing myself for class three trails/summits and ran out of time (8 14er summits) before attaining my goal. I must now plan a more aggressinve campaign for 2008.
I made preliminary trip to plan ascent on Snowmass Mtn from Lead King Basin (old stomping ground). I guess I have plenty of time to plan and loose weight gained after quitting smoking--------ahh,the call of the peaks-----suggestions for season are always accepted and appreciated

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Re: planning for season

Postby shanahan96 » Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:52 am

giarcd wrote:I certainly appreciate those who plan and complete a winter ascent and gain the rewards that provides.

rewards? yeah, that's it; all it does is confirm we're among the dumbest people to ever wander the planet(and the mountains) :wink: !

well craig, getting back on topic.....preparing for class three isn't as hard, physically, as you'd expect. i've had climbing partners who have struggled with it and from my point of view, their biggest problem is a mental struggle with the exposure they've encountered in certain situations. the physical challenge of class three, outside of long scrambles like crestone needle's south couloir, is nowhere near as tough as people make it to be in their minds.

so you aren't going to have success preparing yourself up high right now, but you can run simulations lower down. look for some lower, local peaks(6ers/7ers, etc.) and hike around there looking for places to mess around with scrambling. you'll probably feel comfortable with this environment because it's just scrambling, and no exposure.

also, one thing that i believe helps with adjusting to exposure is spring couloir climbs. the angel of shavano is the perfect place to start this. snow climbing might not be your thing, just my two cents.


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