our stoves blew up!!!

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Postby Meli » Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:22 pm

Here is a link to a bottle failure my friend had a few years ago. Granted they were using the bottles for a different purpose, and the failure was just the top seam but I found this interesting.

http://www.wildfirelessons.net/document ... ottles.pdf

I am curious what kind of stove (I saw that you said Primus, I am wondering what model.) you were using?
Was there a foil heat deflector in place around the burner on the bottom or the sides? It would be really interesting if you would post some photos.
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Postby jimii3 » Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:07 pm


My best friend is camping product designer for Brunton and mentioned to never use a windscreen with any canister stove, it causes them to blow up.

Anyone know why Snow Peak would make a windscreen for their stoves?

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Postby Johnnie » Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:28 pm

I'm betting that a lot of heat was reflected down to the fuel bottle from the pizza pan, and that heat equals pressure equals the pump blew out. This is assuming that it is a fuel pump type stove.

If the bottle itself blew I would really like to hear that confirmed, and what type of bottle it was.
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Postby Hiking Mike » Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:44 am

I've accidentally burned a hole in the bottom of an aluminum pot using a Prius with an MSR canister and nothing exploded. It just singed the label. A friend put the pot back on the lit stove after using up all the water. I thought there was still plenty of water in it and after a few minutes, a square hole suddenly opened up on the bottom, causing the pot to crumple down over the flame. It made all kinds of noise and I thought it would be dead for sure once we used the grip thing to remove the pot. If the setup were going to explode from extreme heat, that would have been the time for it to happen, and it still works beautifully.

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Postby Duffus Kentucky Climber » Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:32 am

g wrote:
One camping trip where we had a one too many drinks we wondered what would happen if ...

Sooooo many entertaining stories start off that way! :lol:

You reminded me of the redneck's famous last words, "Hey, watch this s**t!"
It looks like the ridge is just right up there!
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Postby Jim Davies » Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:13 am

pvnisher wrote:I made the mistake once of shooting a half-full canister with my rifle. Thought it would blow up. Well, it didn't. However, as I was looking up from my scope (I was a ways away) the thing came blowing right back AT ME, just over my head.

Unrelated to stoves, but I once shot a BB gun at a bottle sitting on an engine block, and had the BB ricochet straight back at me, striking me on the eyebrow. Forty years later I can still remember what that little sucker looked like coming straight at my eye... sometimes it's surprising that boys survive to adulthood in such large numbers...
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