I need a new jacket

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Postby ADKben » Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:09 am

regarding arcteryx...they aren't really THAT much more expensive than other brands that use similar fabrics. For example, their new Gore-Tex Pro Shell jacket(s)...the alpha SV is $600, the alpha LT is $500...but mountain hardwear's new pro-shell, the beryllium, is $450, the argon is $425. Additionally, the North Face's Modulus Jacket, same fabric used, is $499, and their stitchless fountainhead is $449. All use gore-tex pro-shell fabric. So, really its the fabric used that makes the difference in prices. Arcteryx uses all gore-tex fabrics for their hard-shells, that is why they come across as "soo expensive" they dont use a proprietary fabric, like TNF uses (hyvent) or marmot uses (precip) or mountain hardwear uses (conduit)..all those fabrics are inferior IMO to gore-tex and their price reflects it.
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The exposure II is a great coat for the money. I have had mine for five years and it is still bomber. It is heavier than more modern (expensive) coats, but you can't beat it for the money. I believe that conduit is a fine fabric, especially for a winter shell. How often do you need something that will stand up to a commercial car wash in Colorado?

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