14ers.com Android Developer?

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Re: 14ers.com Android Developer?

Postby Markwise » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:55 pm

This really hasn't been mentioned yet, but one thing that is missing, that the app could fill in, is to make this information more mobile friendly. Right now, while the information *is* accessible on mobile phones, the truth is, and I say this in the interest of making this site the best in the world, the site is not exactly mobile-friendly. I use a Moto Droid and it is difficult to hit the very tiny links on my screen without zooming in on every page I navigate too.

An Android app would be a means of making this information more mobile-friendly along with taking advantage of many of the other features that an Android device has to offer such as GPS and offline data and the like.

Another *idea*, and this would be much easier than a full Android app, would be to simply make a mobile-optimized version of this site. I know the home page (http://www.14ers.com/s.php) is already headed in that direction, but in the interest of progress, more could be done to make it mobile-friendly. This would certainly solve the issue of keeping the Android app up-to-date with the latest from this site as the mobile-website would still contain the exact data as this site.

Just a thought..

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Re: 14ers.com Android Developer?

Postby BillMiddlebrook » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:23 pm

I don't have much time right now to explain all the things I'd like to do (and NOT do) with an Android app, but here are a few points.

- At a minimum, I'd like to provide the route descriptions (with lots of photos and some of the other route functionality), trailhead directions, road info, maps, etc. I'm not looking to duplicate Gerry Roach's current 14er app which provides trailhead directions and a brief route description. Those are great, but 14ers.com route descriptions are a different beast and contain a lot of additional functionality. Some of which could be included in a mobile app for off-line use.

- Much of 14ers.com does not need to be in a phone app.

- Markwise has mentioned the elephant in the room - making 14ers.com more mobile friendly while visiting the site. I know and I'm still in the planning stages of providing a "true" mobile interface for the entire site. I've created the mobile area (mobile.14ers.com) and put mobile detection code in place but I have yet to finish the mobile versions of the pages. It's coming. Once that's in place, I think we will all have a much better mobile experience on the site, regardless of what happens with 14ers.com mobile apps.
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Re: 14ers.com Android Developer?

Postby The Joe » Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:19 pm

I hadn't tried 14ers.com on the phone in a while. Wow, much better!

Thanks for all you do, Bill :D
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