ambitous guest

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ambitous guest

Postby Randy » Thu Jan 20, 2005 6:27 pm

There was a loner who feared to never leave a mark in life, it was a fear he carried everyday. One day he decided to strike out on his own and make his mark in the world. He traveled to a mountainous region and prepared to settle there to find himself and his purpose.
He stopped at a local Inn and stayed for a couple of days. The family who ran the Inn was very friendly and he was sure this place would be perfect for him. After a couple of days it began to rain, his plans would have to wait as travel was hazordous to say the least. The rain fell for days and noboby left the Inn, the Innkeeper commented that that level of rain had never been seen before.
On the fourth consecutive day of torretial rain they began to hear the slides coming down the mountains around them, they where loud and destructive. The house sat on a steep mountainside and the Innkeeper began to fear for his family, he was sure a slide would over take the house. He was convinced the barn was in a safer location so during the fearfull night he evacuated his family and the guest to the barn. Sure enough a slide came soon after. Ironically a huge boulder behind the house diverted the slide completly around the house, but taking out the barn and all inside in one instance.
Later after the rains stopped some towns people came up into the valley and saw the destruction. They found no survivors but remembered the stranger saying he was headed to the Inn.
They made graves in the local cemetary for all of the family and next to them also made a grave for that ambitous guest, it was not marked in any way for nobody had known the man. There he lied for eternity, unkown, his ambition buried with him.
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Postby DropZone » Fri Jan 21, 2005 4:30 pm

Oi, where's the f**king bar John?

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