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Postby raayna » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:42 pm

My version of a trip report.
Didn't know where else to put it.

Climb date: Sept, 10 2010
North east ridge standard route

Seven men and a mountain
a Spiritual retreat
each on their own
a miraculous feat

driving all night
in a rickety van
waking up early
in a glorious land

towering above them
wind blown bare peaks
eating breakfast
at nine thousand feet

accommodations wonderful
a really great haus
settled in as strangers
after a brief roustabout

morning came early
we gathered our gear
running late for our date
let's get out of here

fifty miles thru the mountains
we rattled and shake
arriving at the trail head
as the sun began to wake

with feet on the trail head
and gear on our backs
we started the challenge
there's no looking back

in the tall pines trees
we moved as a group
sticking together
a Spiritual soup

clearing the tree line
mountain taking its toll
a long rocky ridge
with a foreboding big knoll

that must be the summit
so what's the big deal
you said this adventure
would challenge our will

marching up the switch backs
to gain the rocky ridge
the foreboding big knob
got bigger than big

up and to the right
we assaulted that beast
each climbing fearlessly
nearing complete

we climbed and climbed
to the withering heights
the group stringing out
as each man began to fight

the mountain is winning
false summits more despair
it's looking more like
not all will get there

each man in a battle
a Spiritual test
to call on his Maker
O' what a mess

a whole lot of praying
obedience, dependence and trust
we filed to the summit
sat down and had lunch

we laughed we cried
filled the summit with cheer
quick take some pictures
we must get out of here

heading back down
the going is rough
each man in a battle
dependent on trust

all the way up
never thinking of down
the war half over
we must get back down

twilight coming on us
struggles abound
retreating down the mountain
to a whistling sound

the sound of a whistle
there's trouble, there's fear
if you pass out
you'll die up here

with help to stand upright
one inch at a time
the tree line grew closer
over a long long time

we regained our transport
much like at the top
one at a time
we fell in flop

back at the cabin
bruised beaten and sore
we fell in our beds
a big collective snore

morning did bring
solitude with the Man
as each gave Him thanks
while trying to understand

coming together
to share what He'd done
our noses all red
from the bright beating sun

God showed up on the mountain
to that there's no doubt
still feeling the effect
as I'm writing this out

the rest is just riding
shaking and rattling about
thoughts still lingering
and coming out of our mouths

The God of the Universe
showed us His stuff
with a mountain called Elbert
he ground us to dust.

In an act of great mercy
he sheltered us fine
putting together the piece
understanding in time

Seven men and a mountain
a Spiritual retreat
each on their own
a miraculous feat.

Richard. 2010
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Re: Elbert

Postby Michael J » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:38 pm

Nice Job! A unique way to do a trip report!

"I've often heard a voice call down to me
If you'd climb higher you'd find wondrous things to see..."
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Re: Elbert

Postby zoriloco » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:16 am

Very nice!
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Re: Elbert

Postby peter303 » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:38 am

I recommend submitting this to the Mountain Gazette which
occasionally prints poems about backcountry adventures.

P.S. MG just changed publishers again.

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