Flooding in Nashville

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Flooding in Nashville

Postby Kovar » Sun May 02, 2010 12:10 pm

While this isn't a Mountaineering Tales, the topic description includes the word epic. I think 'epic' would be a proper adjective to describe the amount of rain we've seen in Nashville over the past two days. A foot of rain in Davidson County - Metropolitan Nashville. Over a foot and a half in some isolated spots just south of Nashville proper. Creeks are cresting 3 and 4 feet higher than previous flood records set 30 years ago. Nashville is not prone to the type of flooding that we are seeing. Usually the drainages can deal with these seasonal downpours when they drop a quick 2-3 inches of rain, but two days of over a foot total and nature's drainage system in the creeks and rivers around this area can not deal with. It is truly epic and unbelieveable.

As someone who has studied hydrology, mainly through Karst studies, I am fascinated at this kind of water movement. Thoughts maybe a few folks on here would have the same type of interest. So I am providing the links for a few videos.


Taken from a local traffic cam on I-24 southeast of Nashville. Mill Creek is predicted to crest at almost 27 feet. Four feet above the mark set back in 1979. The building floating down the interstate actually came from a school nearby the interstate. When I first saw this on the local news, I thought a mobile home had come off of a tractor trailer. Nope, it is a portable classroom!!!



Three videos I shot in the creek/drainage that runs through my neighborhood. Brentwood Brook is usually just a quiet little rill, maybe 10-15 feet wide and two feet deep in the middle. The lake in the first video feeds the creek shown in the other two videos.


It is really amazing how much water has fallen and still has not stopped. Something like 30 hours of precipitation with only a few short breaks.
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Re: Flooding in Nashville

Postby Ridge runner » Sun May 02, 2010 7:05 pm

Wow, those are some impressive videos. I'm studying hydrology and it's just been amazing seeing the power of water. Despite the joke "water flows towards the money," in the end it's gonna go where it wants to go and no amount of human engineering can contain it. Given the damage from the videos I'm guessing this is a 100-yr flood or worse? I sure hope everyone made it out safely. Thanks for posting this.

I'd also be interested to hear more about your Karst research.

Here's a video that others may like. All within three minutes a road is destroyed.

And some pictures from my friend Kevin who was down in Peru this past February when the Urabamba River flooded.

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