An EPIC trip!!!

Need a climbing partner? Trying to form a hiking group for an outing?
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An EPIC trip!!!

Postby Kiefer » Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:01 pm


A day trip of Quandary's East Ridge!!! YEAH! :lol:

No, not really, But now that I've got your attention...
As of September 15th, I shall be uncomfortably yet gainfully unemployed. So in lieu of my forthcoming
and ample free-time to be, I'm going climbing and camping....for 2 weeks!

The rough plan is to spend 3 days in the West Maroon Creek Valley climbing peaks such as: Bells Traverse, Sleeping Sexton, the peaks around Buckskin Pass & Belleview.

Then drive to the Weminuchee for 10 days leaving the car at Molas Pass. No real objective, no set camping sites but probably a lot of time spent bushwhacking, ridge-running and changing drainages (Ten Mile-Hunchback-Vallecito & Chicago Basin). Peaks such as: White Dome, Peak One, Two, Three, Hunchback, Mt. Nebo, Vallecito, Jagged, Hesspitz, Peak Eighteen and "South Windom" are of interest. But again, no set plans.

Lots of miles off trail, over country. I plan on going in via Elk Park and coming out Chicago Basin & back to Molas Pass.
2 full weeks.
I know folks would be interested but is anyone able to join me? :-k
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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby steelfrog » Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:22 pm

This sounds awesome!
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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby CorduroyCalves » Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:36 pm

I'd love to but I don't think I'm at your skill level.
Life is too short to pay full retail for outdoor gear!

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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby TravelingMatt » Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:46 pm

The two SJ peaks that are highest on my radar are Pole Creek and Oso. After that the ridge south of Vermilion (the "V" peaks), the Carson group (SE of Half) and the Every/Music combo. Just throwing out ideas, your peak list looks a lot like mine (OK, you've done harder stuff in the SJs).

As for Quandary, I took my sister up there earlier this summer. At sea level she's probably in better shape than I am nowadays but up at 14K she was completely gassed.
AC 0000000
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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby howmuchhigher » Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:33 pm

Sounds similar to my summer. Have a blast, I know I've been enjoying mine. I still have the last of my mission to take care of but you definitely have your work cut out for you.
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Cool Hand Luke
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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby Cool Hand Luke » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:14 pm

Check out the two lakes NW of Eldorado Lake and Hunchback Mountain. They sit on a shelf and are totally isolated, amazing camping spot. Roughly 75 lat. and 79 long. if you are looking at a topo of the area. If you are near Mesa Verde give me a shout.
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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby climbnowworklater » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:11 pm

Dex wrote:
Kiefer wrote:An EPIC TRIP!!!


You are so cool. I have to meet you in BV some time. Your comments on here are quality....every time. This time is no different. The best part about your comments, regarding pizza or the trench on Yale, is that you are right.

Kiefer, would love to join for the Maroon portion but am unavailable for the next 2 weekends.
bummer, I would love to hit those with you. be safe.
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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby mtnbikir » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:18 pm

I envy you.
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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby kushrocks » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:30 pm

Hit me up. I am definitely down for getting out in the Elks with you.
“The best climber in the world is the one who is having all the fun.” – Alex Lowe
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Re: An EPIC trip!!!

Postby jblyth » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:31 pm

I was thinking North Maroon or the Bells Traverse next week....what day do you think you'll be there?

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