San Juans this Weekend and Caving, Kayaking, etc.

Need a climbing partner? Trying to form a hiking group for an outing?
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San Juans this Weekend and Caving, Kayaking, etc.

Postby hfilas » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:09 pm

I know I haven't posted too much or, unfortunately, written too many trip reports while using this site for 6 or so years now. Just wanted to put out there that the Mountain Shenanigans team will be up hitting Sunlight, Windom, and Eolus this weekend 8/12 thru 8/15, so if you see 4 cool looking guys ages 24-30 up there and want to hang out some evening don't be shy! Hopefully we will see the amazing summits of the 39th thru the 42nd unique 14er summits of my life's adventures.

We have been caving, mountaineering, back-country skiing, kayaking, rock-climbing, kiting, biking, and more for years. I really don't get on here much for more than TRs and weather, but if you ever want to join in on epic adventure check out my group Mountain Shenanigans at

We have over 120 friends and do adventures almost every weekend during the summer and still keep it going, although much slower, during the winter. We like to mix it up on sports and difficulty levels so everyone can participate. We do keep a bit of a faster pace then most even though I am 230+ lbs and aren't afraid of pushing the limits, but we also love car camping and easy trips too. We usually split groups on easier stuff so none need ever feel pressured.

Hope to make some new friends!

-Harry Grey Rock Filas

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