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Re: Heart rate monitors

Postby USAKeller » Thu Sep 27, 2007 6:03 am

mcdonnellms wrote:It sounds like a heart rate monitor could be a very useful tool to help with that goal.

I definitely agree with this statement. Here is my philosophy in regards to heart rate training: my actual training takes place in the gym, on some piece of cardio equipment (treadmill, gauntlet, etc.) where I can keep any steady pace and train in any given heart rate zone (i.e., base-training, 5-below my AT...). When I'm outside running, cycling, or hiking, my heart rate will spike up sometimes. Sure, all of this can help your overall fitness level, but if I want to get "fitter", being in control of training in my zones (on cardio equipment) using a monitor allows me to observe those results. In summary- my actual heart rate training takes place inside where I have control over my heart rate, being outside are "bonus" workouts...

As far as a HR monitor- I never leave the house without it when I'm going for a workout or a hike. I use a Polar S210 ($180 I think). It's a coded monitor- this means that when I start it, I have to start it away from other monitor users so it will acquire my heart rate only and not cross with other people's monitors. This is the way to go (being coded), otherwise you will mix signals with other people and it will read over 200! If you want it functionally accurate, I believe the Polar S210 is the minimum monitor that is coded that Polar makes.
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Postby WishIWereinCO » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:36 am

I chose to go a little expensive and get the Garmin 305 combination HRM and GPS. I have found it to work well. The nice thing is the ability to load the information back on my PC when I get home. They have an additional link to Google Maps that allows me to "map" the climb and keep a complete record.

The best price I found was on Amazon.
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Postby jhaas » Thu Sep 27, 2007 9:32 am

I've used a Polar S510 for about 5 years with no problem.I believe its a great tool,see the other posts,What I like about this model is you can download the data with a PC Coach program and store it on your computer.I can compare my workouts with other workouts.Before my yearly trip to Colorado I can see where I am compared to other years.
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Postby jasper9890 » Fri Sep 28, 2007 6:03 pm

i'm a gadget whore so i picked up the garmin forerunner 301 (i think that's the right model) when it first came out. i used to train for ironman triathlon so i used it heavily for running and some cycling. it's been decent on the trails too for later looking at the route on the computer, though it's not designed for this use much so no features are on it that you'll find on garmin's hand held units so dont expect that..

More to your question though, the HR part is great and you can set tons of alarms and monitors, and different screens as well. if you're a boulder/denverite you can sure borrow it if you like - though i might have ruined the HR strap a few weeks ago in the ocean, let me check on that first

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Postby Glacier Man » Fri Sep 28, 2007 6:45 pm

I have a polar 625x that I bought while training for my first Ironman 3 years ago. It is more of learning how to train in heartrate zones than the watch that will help you. Try visiting http://www.trainright.com I followwed the program religeously and it did amazing things for my endurance. Good Luck
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Postby gsliva » Fri Sep 28, 2007 7:43 pm



My HRM allows me to stay below my lactate threshold but still maintain my intended maximum effort while climbing, hiking, running, cycling, well you get the idea. You can tell if you are dogging it or when you are going too hard. It's a must and I agree with everyone here (USAKELLER), don't leave home without it. Pay attention to your VO2 max and your resting heart rate versus time. You also need to track what you eat and I use Diet Spread.


Good luck but pick one that communicates with your computer so you can download the data and track your improvement. I have a Polar F11 but it is pretty basic.
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Postby Gossnath » Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:44 pm

How did anyone ever stay in shape before HRM's, get out of bed without GPS, or climb a mountain without an altimeter?
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Postby jasper9890 » Fri Sep 28, 2007 11:00 pm

..or communicate without a computer, travel without a car... come on, they're just tools, relax :P
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Postby Aspen Summit » Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:33 am

Forerunner 305 with HR monitor is the one I'm using now. Very nice, easy to use, 1-3+ multiple sports, water resistance, large screen, and pretty accurate except for the elevation reading. It should be FLAT since I'm not doing much ascending in the East Coast. I might take USAKeller's advice and check out the Polar.

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Postby rijaca » Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:24 pm

Gossnath wrote:How did anyone ever stay in shape before HRM's, get out of bed without GPS, or climb a mountain without an altimeter?

I'll tell you what, it was damn hard. Up hill both ways. Six feet of snow. No shoes or boots. Trolls were under every bridge....
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Postby Gossnath » Sat Sep 29, 2007 8:44 pm

I have no problem with gadgets, obviously, but I still think on this one its way more important to listen to what my body's telling me. Huge part of why I climb mtns.
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Heart Rate Monitor

Postby YoAdrian » Sun Sep 30, 2007 8:02 am

I have a Polar a5 that I bought summer 2004 to use in training for triathlons. However, I never really used it; it has been sitting idle since then. I have the original box with intructions, everything. I would gladly GIVE this to a veteran such as yourself.

There's 1 catch; to properly replace the battery (I must have left it on, because it needs replacement) it needs to be sent back to the factory, which I will take care of. If you reply that you'd like this I will rectify the battery issue and forward it on to you when I get it back from the factory. Free.

Just let me know.

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