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Re: Sunglasses

Postby Duffus Kentucky Climber » Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:01 am

A pair of Rx sunglasses in Rx frames will have at least a two year replacement warrantee on the frame for whatever you do to it. If the lenses (polarized or not) have a premium anti reflection coating, they will be warranteed against scratches for the life of the Rx and for whatever reason and will be replaced on an unlimited basis. Even clear cr-39 lenses are 90% protective against UVA and B and polycarbonate lenses more protective because of the scratch coating that they come with. Once the anti reflection coat is added, either will be 100% UV protective.
Is this a premium product, and would it be expensive? Yes. But, like anything of value, it is the service that you pay for and you should expect a premium customer service when you purchase a premium product.
It looks like the ridge is just right up there!

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