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Re: No longer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed -REI

Postby CorduroyCalves » Sat May 11, 2013 10:05 pm

forbins_mtn wrote:All I know is I shredded a pair of gators with my crampons last month and they exchanged them with no problem. I felt guilty as hell because it was my fault. I slipped and those badboys went right through them AND my patagonia alpine guide pants. damn! i'm getting my grandma to sew the pants up

BUT - I used my dividend and the 20% coupon to buy a couple backpacks, then realized I ordered the wrong size on one of the packs and they refused to change the address on the order. wtf? seems like the easiest thing on the planet. I had to cancel the order, cancel the dividend and everything.....

i was irritated, but i was also a few drinks deep..... ](*,)

Well you couldn't have felt that guilty. . . :lol:

As a former REI employee, I loved the return policy 'cause I got some killer deals at the (then) quarterly garage sales on stuff that was in great shape. $60 for an Arc'Teryx Gamma MX jacket??? You bet!!!

The bottom line is that it doesn't matter how strict or lax a return policy is--people are going to milk it for everything they can. So now the person who's had their hiking boots for five years, beat 'em to hell, and now wants to return 'em 'cause they're suddenly "not satisfied" is going to be SOL. I'm actually surprised it's taken 'em this long to start being more strict.
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