Full zip insulating pants

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Re: Full zip insulating pants

Postby crazy brit » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:10 pm

Coming to this thread a bit late, but anyway.......

I was in exactly the same boat, and I got mine from a company that caters to ice skaters, they do full zip-off polar fleece pants to keep warm before hitting the ice.
I got mine from Ice Time Apparel, I chose a size close to what I normally wear (e.g. medium) but I also provided all my measurements and the type of fit e.g. close fitting, and they made them to suit, pretty impressive. Cost me around $85. Be sure to specify the fit all the way down the leg, mine were a little to roomy at the bottom for my taste, but i'm just going to remove a bit of material near the zip and re-sew.

Hope this helps.

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