Women's Vasque GTX boots for sale

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Women's Vasque GTX boots for sale

Postby JenGa » Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:13 pm


So I bought a pair of women's Vasque GTX size 9 hiking boots on Steep and Cheap. I have owned Vasque boots before and they have always been great, and I have always worn size 9. So I got these and I wore them on a 5-mile "break them in" hike. They are so stiff, clunky and uncomfortable that I really am not willing to give it a second try. I got blisters in 5 miles. If anyone wants to buy them, I paid $110 I think, and I will sell them for $50 obo. New they go for $215. Seriously, though I would only buy them if you have worn these boots before, like them and know how they will fit. The one thing that is nice about them is that they are super light for how sturdy they are.

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