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Postby Hungry Jack » Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:49 pm

carlhancock wrote:I own the Quarter Dome T1 and I've taken it all over for solo trips. I would recommend trying it out first if you can. It is incredibly narrow and not very long. If you have broad shoulders or if you're over 6ft. tall, you will be touching all sides of the tent as you sleep (and limited room for any gear you want inside as you sleep). I've used it for the past couple of years, but I'm pretty sure there are better options that offer a little more room at a similar weight. I'm thinking of switching to the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2, which is a little lighter and offers a lot more room than the REI T1. You'd have to shell out an additional $150 though if you did the same.

That's the issue (size) I have had with REI--their footprints are pretty small. When I decided to retire my TNF Roadrunner and replace it with a comparable 2-man, 2-door, 3-season tent (for 5lbs or so), I ended with the T3. But I still found it a bit short for me, and returned it used to REI (full credit--they are awesome about this) and ended buying a Big Agnes Copper Spur 3, which is huge and light. Great tent for bigger people.
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