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Re: Checklist & Weights - Shoeshoeing, Mountaineering

Postby tmathews » Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:39 pm

Damn, they don't appear to have a distributor in the US. I would have liked to have given that chicken curried rice a try. :|
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Re: Checklist & Weights - Shoeshoeing, Mountaineering

Postby prestone818 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:33 am

Dex wrote:
Greenhouseguy wrote:Just a thought - does your Swiss Army knife do anything that your multi-tool doesn't do? You may be carrying extra weight if there is too much overlap between the capabilities of the tools. The list seems to be pretty well thought out.

Your're right - I'll drop the swiss army knife.

typically the knife on a multi-tool isnt the greatest. i normally carry a combat knife similar to this...

if i am with a group i will leave it in my backpack but if im by myself i will keep it on my leg. plus if you run into a hungry mt lion try opening your multi-tool with it clawing at your face. its worth the extra weight to me.
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Re: Checklist & Weights - Shoeshoeing, Mountaineering

Postby mountainmicah83 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:14 am


Your list will vary obviously in different seasons. It would help if you specify what time of year this is for and also keep in mind that weather plays a part. That being said, you have a pretty decent list that just needs to slim down a bit. Please take all of my suggestions with a grain of salt. They are not best practices and rather just what I do. You asked though. Also, if anyone disagrees, I would love to hear why so I can better my skills as well.

1. Sox- Why not just sleep in your "extra" dry socks instead of bringing the 3rd pair. Do you really need 3 pr for 2 days?
2. Pants- In Colorado, I have never needed more than a shell and 1 lightweight polypropeline base layer. If you are colder, you may want up to capilene 4 or fleece pants under. In summer, obviously you only need light weight non-cotton bottoms. I recommend cheap sierra designs or equivalend rain pants in summer if you don't have a shell.
3. Underwear- 1 pair would be fine for 2 days. If you don't agree, turn them inside out :D
4. Jackets- You either need a goretex type waterproof shell or a lightweight marmot precip or similar in summer. How are you going to stay dry?
5. Fleece- Great for summer but you have a softshell. Don't need both. Winter add a puff jacket.
6. Hat- Winter obviously you need a warmer hat whereas summer you don't.
7. Sunglasses- need to add goggles in winter.
8. Bivy under layer? is this necessary?
9. Flashlight? really. You have a headlamp.
10. Crampons. Maybe- depends on conditions
11. Swiss army knife. No. You have a multi-tool.
12. Fire kit? is this more than a flint and lighter?
13. Wipes? what for- only 2 days. choose wipes or hand gel.
14. Toothbrush/paste- no. If you are solo, who will you offend. Just rinse your mouth with whiskey.
15. Soap- no. Rinse your pot with boiled water. Clean it when you get home.
16. Paracord- is this enough to tie up one of your stuff sacks as a bear bag?

You should not have this much weight when you don't have a tent.

In the past, I have been a guy who brings way too much stuff. Your list looks great compared to what I used to carry. It has taken me trial and error to figure out what I really need.

emergency blanket? (ya got a bivy bag and sleeping bag on the list)

I was going to say this too but you may want to leave this at your camp to keep your gear dry meaning you may want that e-blanket.
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