Sleeping Bag Liners?

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Postby strat1080 » Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:58 pm

I've heard of some people using something called an elephant sock. Basically a garment large enough to fit both of your feet in. I guess my problem with something like a sleeping bag liner is that it is single-use and redundant. I imagine a a garment large enough to cover both feet could be made quite easily and weigh about as much as a poly t-shirt. At summitpost some people have reported being comfortable 30-40 degrees below their sleeping bag's rating wearing their insulating layers. I would think that the heat generated inside the sleeping bag would keep the temperature inside the bag at a nearly universal temp. Maybe your sleeping bag has cold spots near your feet. I've never had a problem with this. Your avatar is freaky looking by the way.

Aubrey wrote:
strat1080 wrote:I'm of the mindset to just wear more layers while sleeping.

Not saying this method doesn't work; personally, I agree with it and I do it. But on one occasion, my feet were freezing in my sleeping bag so I put on two layers of socks (seemed intuitive). But I never got 'em warm all night long. After talking with a climbing partner the following morning, I went with his suggestion the next night: liner socks + sleeping bag liner + sleeping bag. My feet were warm that night.

Maybe it has something to do with trapped air / layers, and how "spacey" those layers are (i.e., if your "liner" is pressed against your body, like a sock, it's not going to trap warm air as much or as well?). I don't know. But based on this experience, I give liners props.
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