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Postby Aubrey » Tue Dec 04, 2007 9:11 pm

I have the BA Gilpin and it's done me well ... and it's LIGHT and relatively AFFORDABLE. You must also buy the self-inflating insert pad, though. It fits perfectly (same mummy shape and all), and it's nice how it doesn't slip around in the night (unlike unconnected pads under bags).

Slept in my bag more than a dozen times in the high country last summer and never really got cold. It is kind of weird how there's no insulation in the bottom, but the air in the pad acts as insulation and it does a pretty good job.

Even used the bag/pad combo on Kilimanjaro last September and I was impressed. On some nights I had to use a microfleece liner that supposedly added "10 degrees," and I also had to wear some extra clothing to bed at times. But with temps in the single digits, that 3-season bag did mighty well, IMO.

Oh, on the size thing, I have a "regular" that fits me pretty well. I'm just about 5.5 feet in length, but I'm stout. The regular is cozy enough for me ... any more and I'd feel claustrophobic.

One complaint: The zipper gets stuck on occasion ... but I've found this problem with many bags.

Second complaint: You can't mate your bag with another one (at least on the model I have). There were many nights where I wanted to mate with my wife (bags, that is, you sick-minded bastards :twisted: ) ... but we were separated by a few inches of down and incompatible zippers.

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