Clay Springs Fire (Utah)

Colorado wildfires and flooding
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Clay Springs Fire (Utah)

Postby jdorje » Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:58 pm

As of yesterday, the fire was 60 hours old and had burned 70,000 acres. Satellite-detected fires make it look about 3x that size today*, though that may be inaccurate.

*Edit: the weather underground fire perimeter is outdated, so the fire is clearly not 3x the size of where it was listed from the last update.

From yesterday evening: "Today the fire made extreme runs with spotting to 1/2 a mile and growing from 50000 acres to 68000 acres. There was observed running crown fire and intense ground fire with nearly complete combustion occurring in all fuel types. Extreme resistance to control and high probability of ignition are making control efforts difficult." "Rapid fire size increase from 50000 to 68000 acres with potential for similar rates of spread tonight."

As of now the wind is taking the smoke off to the north. Is that going to continue?
-Jason Dorje Short

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