What helmet camera for backpacking? Gopro? Sony? Contour?

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What helmet camera for backpacking? Gopro? Sony? Contour?

Postby chinookhead » Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:38 am

I am looking for a new helmet camera to replace my old Tachyon XC because I want something with better picture quality and that does not run on disposable batteries (the tachyon uses AAA Lithiums, which gets expensive). I will be using this hiking, climbing, fishing, and kayaking. I want quality looking HD video. A wide angle is good, but not excessive "fish eye" effect. My ideal is to spend under 200 dollars. It'll be used mounted on a baseball cap, climbing helmet, trekking pole, or on a pole above my kayak.

Weight is a factor especially when mounting it on a baseball cap. I want the camera to be secure and comfortable when mounted on a hat because this is how it will most often be used. The three models that I'm currently looking at the most are the Sony Action Cam, Contour Roam 2, and the Hero White Edition. I like the ergonomics and comfort of a camera mounted to the side of the head like the Sony and the Contour, but maybe the recent weight cuts on the new Gopros make the wearing on the front of the head not that bad? Also, the always crazy bright blue sky that I see being produced by the Sony may annoy me, since the sky is often seen in mountain and peak shots......Yet, many are saying that the video quality is better from the Sony (especially in low light) than the gopro and contour.

I am open to other suggestions and I would consider old or used models. It looks like the Contour Roam HD (not 2) can now be had for 99 dollars at several places.
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Re: What helmet camera for backpacking? Gopro? Sony? Contou

Postby Somewhat of a Prick » Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:40 am


I have one, that thing is a TANK. Dropped it off a 100 foot cliff, thought it was a goner. Got down to it and it worked just fine. Takes great video too. If you want to see what it does PM me and I'll send you a link to my youtube channel.

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