Best of 2010 Scenes

Camera equipment and technique for taking photos.
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Re: Best of 2010 Scenes

Postby jduncan » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:33 pm

Kevin - Happy New Year to you! Those photos were great and the presentation was enjoyable to watch! Thank you for sharing and you did have yourself quite the year. Thanks again for you guidance up Mt. Lindsey's Northwest Ridge and I hope 2011 brings you just as many opportunities, successes and memories. Safe climbing! ~ Josh
Erik Weihenmayer - "There are summits everywhere. You just have to know where to look."
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Re: Best of 2010 Scenes

Postby Floyd » Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:05 pm

Great work Kevin. Not a bad way to usher in the new year to watch that film with my Seven Seas Double IPA from Dry Dock.

Highlights of 2010... First for me was the birth of our 2nd daughter. (Which is why I'm on a computer NYE... I've got "1st watch" tonight.) As for mountaineering...

1) Celebrating Cheeseburglar's Wedding - Nothing like following a night around kegs of quality beer and a nacho cheese fountain with a climb of Willoughby Mtn. Too bad we couldn't get Craig out of bed for the hike.
2) Snow Climbs - Corner Peaks with ChicagoTransplant. Incredible when you can combine two 1,000 foot couloirs in the same day.
3) Winter Camping - 7 days in Utah's Uintas in March. Too bad we didn't make a summit, but good times with good friends.
4) 1st 5th Class route on the Pettingel-Citadel Traverse. Finally met up with LordHelmut for a climb after years of back and forth. Now, if I can only meet the elusive Keifer.
5) Relaxing weekend with the pups high in the Huerfano Valley. Too cold for the dogs to get any summits (late October/-0 wind chill) , but I did manage to pack in a couple of foot long subway subs and a six pack of Ska Euphoria. Enjoyed being stuck around that campsite.

Looking forward to 2011. Time to put my 4 year old girl to work. She loves camping, now let's see how she likes peak bagging.

Happy New Year All.
"Athletes express themselves physically, this is their art. As an athlete, exhausting oneself on the field or or on the track or on the trail or on the mountain brings calm and satisfaction. Thrashing about… our expression." - Steve Gleason

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