Leadville lunch/dinner suggestions?

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Re: Leadville lunch/dinner suggestions?

Postby Breckskier » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:06 am

screeman57 wrote:
cbauer10 wrote:the Coyote Catina in Johnson's Village near Buena Vista.

That place is horrible

Worst place ever. Food sucked, service sucked and the Margs had no booze.
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Re: Leadville lunch/dinner suggestions?

Postby lwnichols » Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:46 pm

cbauer10 wrote:
geol_climber wrote:The Grille is the best mexican food in the whole Ark Valley. Plus 2 for 1 PBRs and a great Salsa. My two cents, for what its worth.

Don't take this recommendation. My mother in law grew up in Leadville and loves this place, but it must be nostalgic for her because it is like barf on a plate. Plus it has the 2nd worst service west of the Mississippi only beat out by the Coyote Catina in Johnson's Village near Buena Vista. It takes nearly an hour to get Mexican food when the place is empty. I would say that is generally a good thing in a Mexican restaurant where food is usually just sitting in a bucket waiting to be served, but you can tell it is no where close to being prepared fresh. Just be warned. I guess this place has its fans though.

geol_climber is right on the salsa though. It is good. So if you just want chips and salsa this is your place. It is really soupy though, so you have to like that kind of salsa. Flavor is good though.

I don't live in Colorado, but whenever I'm in the Leadville area, I try to eat at the Grill. I've never had a problem with service and I've always liked the food. The one time I recall that the service was kinda slow, was on a Friday (or Saturday) night during Boom Days, and the place was packed. The entertainment value was pretty high, though since the local HS Cheeleader squad was in the next booth. Highly entertaining.

I too am sorry that Rosie's Brew Pub closed. That was my other favorite place in Leadville.

Leni (from Texas)

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