7/8-7/9 Denver to Rt 24

Arrange group travel to/from the peaks.
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7/8-7/9 Denver to Rt 24

Postby Pika » Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:56 am

I am planning to do Shav/Tab. I can leave anytime on Monday and be back on Tuesday anytime after the hike. I will take 285 from Denver, so I can drop you off anywhere along that route or any other trailhead around the Sawatch.
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Re: 7/8-7/9 Denver to Rt 24

Postby zinj » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:03 am

Two of us are backpacking into Browns Lake just north of Shav/Tab on the afternoon of the 8th and will set camp there for a couple of nights. Plan is to do Antero (and possibly White or Cronin) on the 9th and a big day of Shav/Tab/Jones/Cyclone/Carbonate/other 13ers on the 10th.

I'd offer to switch up the order of our hikes to coordinate, but I'm coming from sea level 8-[ so I think I have to keep the easier Antero day first to help with acclimation.

Re: Shav/Tab - we're going to try something unusual -- We're coming form the north side, but instead of taking the goat path up the gully NW of Tab's summit, we're going to swing way out to the East (acutally down-hike out of Browns lake by a bout a mile) and then ascend to the ridgeline just a bit to the East of Jones Pk. This is where the unknown is -- topo (40') suggests this is totally doable, Google Earth views don't present any obvious problems, but I can't get any beta on this ascent. I expect some class 2 bouldering and probably some sliding scree.

Browns Lake Circuit.jpg
Browns Lake Circuit.jpg (100.9 KiB) Viewed 196 times

(Camp location is approximated by the Green blob with he arrow on it, this map is of the FULL circuit -- also tacks on Esprit Pt (far South), which I think we'll probably skip)

Once on the ridgeline, we can choose among class 2 and class 3 bouldering as we go west from Jones Pk to Pt 13,712 and finally get to the Tab/Shav saddle. At that point the "hard" part of the day is over. We'll visit Shav and Tab for sure, but how many 13ers we pick up will depend on weather and how we're feeling. I feel confident that if we persist westward to Carbonate, we'll also grab Cyclone because it's so close. Lo Carb and Cronin might be a bit too much and tip the balance of the hike from "fun" to "suck". We'll see.

If you decide you're going on the 9th, waive to the north if you see any specs on top of Antero -- could be us. Alternatively, if you're interested in the aforementioned route-finding adventure (for about 1/2 a mile anyway), you're welcome to join us for our Northern route.
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