trade u gas money for lift to 4WD on Humboldt

Arrange group travel to/from the peaks.
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trade u gas money for lift to 4WD on Humboldt

Postby RosieTheSummiter » Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:58 pm

My sister and I are considering doing Humboldt this weekend, and I'd like to know if anyone is planning to do the same and might consider giving us a lift from the 2WD or other convenient location to just as far as the upper TH in exchange for gas $ on Saturday morning. I'd prefer to not do the entire 18 miles if we don't have to, so shaving off any of that long slog (even if it's just on the way up) would be greatly appreciated. Also, considering it's Labor Day weekend, we figure one less spot we with our car might enable one other lucky hiker the opportunity to enjoy this mountain.

We usually like to get started on the trail by 4:00-4:30am. We would of course welcome and enjoy the company (we always do!) but definitely understand if you just want to do your own thing once we all hit the trail. But if you depart early, you might not then get to see our new fancy "party attire" at the summit. :o And I'm known for sharing my Pringles at the top. \:D/

PM me if you think you might be interested.
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