Best Splitboard Hard Boot Bindings: Phantoms!

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Best Splitboard Hard Boot Bindings: Phantoms!

Postby barrows » Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:37 pm

I thought I would give the splitboarders here a heads up on the 13/14 season Phantom Splitboard Bindings. This is the second season of offering the best splitboard interface and bindings (for hard boots with Dynafit toe pieces) for Phantom, a small rider owned and operated company here in Colorado.
The 13/14 bindings feature many advances over the first season offerings, with lighter weight, a cleaner and more durable interface locking mechanism, and a little more lateral and medial flexibility in the binding. Do to the very limited production, and semi custom nature of these bindings, the only way to guarantee you can get a set is by pre-ordering. The pre-order is now announced, and details can be found at the Phantom Splitboard Bindings FaceBook page:

And direct contact e-mail for inquiries:

Please note I am an unpaid design consultant on these bindings, but I have no financial interest in them (excepting that I hope they can stay in business because they make the best performing splitboard binding system available). I will answer as many questions about the bindings functionality as I can here-if anyone has any specific questions.

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