Dynafit bindings: caution!

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Re: Dynafit bindings: caution!

Postby killingcokes » Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:53 pm

I use Dynafits exclusivly now. What I do is I put the binding into tour mode to make sure that the pins engage. If it won't go into tour mode you kknow that you have an icing problem. Then depending on the difficulty of the run I either back it down to ski mode or ski em locked down.

I have popped out in locked mode once and it wasn't too bad. Felt like coming out of a ski on 16 or 17
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Re: Dynafit bindings: caution!

Postby benners » Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:21 pm

I've had no issues with coming out of my Dynafits, this is the procedure I follow when clicking in: First I clear the sockets of any visible snow and ice, then click in without locking down the toe piece and cycle (kick) the ski back and forth several times. They are difficult to see but there are actually small ridges on the toe pins which are supposed to help bore snow and ice out of the sockets as you kick the ski back and forth. After this I try locking the toe piece one click, and if it clicks up easily (through experience I've gotten an idea of how this should feel if there's indeed a clean connection), then I know the sockets are clear of snow and ice and I stomp down the heel and ski. If on the other hand I encounter any resistance in trying to lock the toe piece down, then that's an indication the sockets aren't totally clear, and I start the process over. I think this procedure is pretty similar to what Fritz suggested above. I know it's pretty tedious, but if you get to know the subtle nuances of your Dynafits you should be able to tell when your bindings are solidly engaged and when they're not.
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Re: Dynafit bindings: caution!

Postby colorado yooper » Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:42 pm

Never had that issue with my R8 Cobras. \:D/

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