St. Marys snow conditions

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Re: St. Marys snow conditions

Postby GerryRigged » Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:25 pm


Blake and I were up there yesterday andd saw you guys climbing and skiing. You guys are animals going up that slope!
We were wondering how you guys decided those slopes would be safe to ski. We dug a pit to the side of the slope just out onto the smooth snow to about 4.5 feet but did not see any weak layers. I did not hit bottom or ice the full length of my probe. I could feel a couple of soft spots on the way down but nothing jumped out as a potential week layer. I'm no expert in snow analisys so when I dig a pit it is for basic layer info. After discussing the situation we decided that with such a thick layer with no weakness and temps being consistantly cold the slope would be stable. Your thoughts. Anyway after watching you guys ski the coliours (sp) we made our last track down some very nice powder along the side of the slope.

If the Forest Service put a lot in up there they would charge for use. I don't see why people get so mad at you. I have been up there several times and the lot has been plowed and clean. A clean toilet beats the heck out of squatting behind a tree and leaving it and TP there.

I don't recall the ice cave.

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Re: St. Marys snow conditions

Postby glacierPaul » Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:55 am

jameseroni, we got only a dusting last night. Right now, windy, blowing snow (no real accumulation), and COLD. The forecast says up to 2" today, would'nt expect that, but I would expect the -17 wind chill forecasted, especially on Bancroft or on the divide.

timstich, I have thought about doing a basic area info sign, with the info printed on a panoramic shot of the glacier with the divide in the background.

Gerry, I suppose the "cave" was really a crevasse. Still pretty cool. Took pic's of the one that formed last year, but it was not large enough to go into. And you are right, if the USFS put in a lot, they would charge or they would allow a private firm to operate it. I need to dig out my referal responce from Dan Lovato, Clear Creek District Ranger, to my development review process, pretty maddening. I actually thought I posted it on this site somewhere, but could not find it.

Nice pic's benners.
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Re: St. Marys snow conditions

Postby jameseroni » Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:44 am

GP thanks for the info. I think I'll stick closer to home today. -17 windchill is not something I want to battle if I don't get caught in it. J

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