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Re: Doing the Dog

Postby rolo tomassi » Thu May 27, 2010 12:12 pm

Just skied it today. Started reasonably early and was back at the base at 9am, the sun was baking, the bottom half of the run was getting soft and some guy was just starting up. I spoke with him briefly, explaining my AT equipment to him when asked about it. He mentioned something about CAIC saying there were steps somewhere on the Dog....??? and continued up.

I struggled with whether I should explain that a 9am start on an East facing couloir, in the sun, in late may, with two recent wet slides on adjacent slopes, might, just maybe, not be the best idea.

I think there needs to be an emphasis on personal responsibility. If there was a newspaper article on how fun playing Russian Roulette is and I do it, really who is to blame? People need to make their own decisions and if they take up mountaineering / ski mountaineering because a human interest piece said it was cool, and they get no training, nor do they do any research, I don't feel too sorry for them. However when those people make mistakes usually SAR and others get called in to action, and takes risks in order to save others, so there should be an emphasis on preventing the need for these services.

I always struggle with if I should give unsolicited advice.

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