Recommend me a hike for Tomorrow in Boulder

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Re: Recommend me a hike for Tomorrow in Boulder

Postby rhinos00 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:02 am

If anyone is interested, I just did the Guardians of the Flatirons Loop from the Gregory Canyon TH yesterday. The 12.2 mile loop can be done in hiking boots. There was a couple of inches of snow as we climbed to the summit of Green Mountain on the E.M. Greenman Trail, but nothing to worry about.

Of the entire loop there was only two sections where it was a little slippery because of the recent snowfall. The first was on the the approach to Bear Peak via the Bear Peak West Ridge Trail. As you started to climb towards the top, there was probably a good 4-5 inches of snow in spots. However, it was still doable in boots as long as you were careful. I can imagine this snow is going melt pretty quickly. The second spot was right below Bear Peak summit as you're making your way down from the summit towards the Bear Peak Summit/Bear Peak West Ridge juncture. There was a good amount of snow here and given you had to take large steps downhill on rock, it was a little precarious if you didn't take your time. I'm sure trekking poles would've helped with that.

Overall, this was a great substitute after my plans for Pacific Peak were ruined by the recent storms. Hiking on Mesa Trail back to Gregory Canyon will be beautiful in a week or two. The flowers were already starting to bloom on our way down.

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