Hike to skinny: lake near Steamboat

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Hike to skinny: lake near Steamboat

Postby mountainment » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:43 pm

I've seen posts that have one or 2 but not all 3 of these elements: Steamboat area, hike to lake for a swim, remote (read: few people).

I was to take my girl to Steamboat this upcoming weekend to solo-tube float the Yampa, but I've been told the water level is so low I'll be draggin' derrière most the river (is this true?).
So I'm thinking plan B, since my plan A was so crap..."sure, let's wait till August...no problem!" -- Idiot =D>

Plan B would involve:
Day hike (~8-10 mi RT) to alpine lake that isn't super popular, so we can dip to nip; we're hoping there's some grass near the lake to beach out. I know I know...let me dream.

I've read up on Gilpin/Gold lake loop, but that seems way too far when I'm driving from Boulder Fri afternoon for Fri & Sat nights. Nearly 5 hour trip on Friday afternoon isn't ideal.

I've also looked into Hooper and Keener Lake, but not sure if this isn't storming with people, or if it's as stunning as I've heard Gilpin & Gold are.

Lost Lakes by Devil's Causeway is way too far for day trip and the bitty ponds near Stillwater Res. will be loaded with people.

Bonus points for recs on camping sites and eateries with character. This will be my first time in this area. No room at Strawberry Hot Springs; though that sounds like a must on any return.

Any thoughts?

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