Saving TR's offline: google GPX map isn't saved

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Saving TR's offline: google GPX map isn't saved

Postby jdorje » Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:14 pm

Not sure if this qualifies as a site problem, but I would like a resolution!

To save trip reports offline to mobile for later reference, I just do a "save as" in Firefox. I then copy this to my mobile (using bittorrent sync, since USB is a pain).

Now, the problem is google maps as used for the GPX display. This isn't one image, but a set of images, and when I save as they don't get saved. Instead I get links to google maps for the images, which either dont display (when offline) or give an API error (when online). Annoying.

In many cases I can just download the GPX separately (always a good idea), but this is at the author's discretion (boo!). Or I could screenshot it or something. And some authors include a topo map separately from the GPX (probably because there are two separate checkmarks - but I have to say this is appreciated since the display is different/better on most topo sources). But it'd be nice if there were a real solution.

Oh, a side note: if you click on the image to open it, this links back to the original image on 14ers rather than to the saved version. Actually I'm not sure if this is solvable, but it's a pretty minor issue anyway (you can just long click to view the image). Actually I'm not sure why the link is there at all, since you can just right-click and view image in any browser. Seems like I always click on images by mistake while reading TRs.

Ah, and another side note: seems like when I save as in desktop firefox I get a nice HTML page with a folder full of HTML extras, that I can then view in firefox. If I'm in mobile then I get a "save as pdf" option (which annoyingly calls the file tripreport.php.pdf no matter which peak I'm looking at) but no save as html option. Since I prefer HTML (among other things, PDF doesn't allow you to zoom in fully on the resized images) I do the import from desktop to mobile. BUT, the appearance on desktop is different than the mobile view, and worse when viewing it on mobile (wider). How can I access the mobile view through my desktop? I tried but no go!

(I am open to suggestions for different browsers for Android. I have never found one that doesn't suck.)
-Jason Dorje Short
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Re: Saving TR's offline: google GPX map isn't saved

Postby Jim Davies » Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:42 pm

Have you tried the Android app?
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