Kids shoe sizes???

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Kids shoe sizes???

Postby Gringoat » Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:22 am

I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any resources/retail outlets from which to browse and/or purchase youth size hikers. I've got 2 nieces (and possibly a nephew) whom I'm slowly inspiring to hike, and we're having a helluva time finding good, quality shoes in smaller sizes. Any info would be appreciated!
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Re: Kids shoe sizes???

Postby MikeyC » Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:18 am

I have certainly been in the same boat! I have a 9 year old and a 5 year old. REI carries several shoes in a youth size. You can also look on the outlet at I had a hard ime spending a lot on the kids hikers because they only last one season(because they grow out of them), so I went to Sports Authority and picked up a pair of Hi-techs for $25.00 for each of them. Hope this helps!

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Re: Kids shoe sizes???

Postby Hunter » Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:45 am

MikeyC- 1+
Maybe ScottP could help answer too???
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Scott P
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Re: Kids shoe sizes???

Postby Scott P » Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:35 pm

We got ours from REI.

Shaylee has the Hi-Tech and Kessler has the Merrils. The Merrils have literally hundreds of miles on them and are still going strong and Kessler will hand them down to his sister soon. The Hi-Techs were not nearly as durable and are ready to be canned after a few dozen peaks and hikes.

Here are the Merrils Kessler has:

These are Shaylee's Hi-Techs:

As mentioned, I would definately go with the Merrils even though they are more expensive. They are so much more durable and have much better traction.

The Hi-Techs may be OK for easy trail walks, but won't last long especially on rugged terrain. Kessler's Merills have survived 80 mile hikes through the Andes Mountains, climbs on volcanic rock at 17,000+ feet, 14ers on snow, have been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon twice including on one of the most difficult trails, have been to the top of dozens of mountains and through many desert canyons and scrambles, and have been on several hikes through the jungle. Shaylee's Hi-Techs survived a couple dozen peaks and desert hikes plus one trip to Central America and now they are trashed. Go with the Merrils if you can. They will last at least one kid.
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