Lost: 1/2 hiking pole near Wilson Ck.TH in Sangre de Cristos

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Lost: 1/2 hiking pole near Wilson Ck.TH in Sangre de Cristos

Postby Mountain Woman » Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:53 am

While descending to the Wilson Creek trailhead near Crestone, somewhere within 1/8 - 1/4th mile of the trailhead I believe, I lost the last half (the tip) of one of my Black Diamond Women's Trail Shock hiking poles. My first approach to hiking in Colorado had been an aggressive challenge of the 14ers (once I knew they existed). I was emotionally empty and cared less than I do now about the dangers I might face en route to the peak. En route to summit Kit Carson and Challenger, perhaps on October 30th, now more emotionally healthy (and thus more susceptible to fear), I distinctly saw a mountain lion about 60 feet uphill away from me in a large bush/small tree. I did my best to exhibit my dominance, but, at the same time, I let the mountain lion have the upper hand and I retreated. I'm sure the repeated pole clanking (besides whistle blowing and screaming and yelling) loosened my poles some at that point. By the time I had retreated to the meadow just above the creek, I was so scared that I allowed some lowlier animal to scare me further (probably a coyote). It did not seem shy and circled me a bit before retreating 200 feet away to a position further up the meadow, where it continued to eye me (probably warily) and I it. Again, I had resorted to pole clanking. It was probably at this point or somewhere between there and the actual trailhead (or even at the it) that I lost the last half of one of my poles. The fear I experienced (yes, I know such fear is mostly groundless) somehow numbed my ability to analyze, so it wasn't until later on, once I had left the trailhead, that I realized that half the pole was missing. Yes, I will go back sometime (with a partner this time), but it may be awhile. And so I am wondering if anyone may have found this part? It would be so nice to have it back.

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