Preseason climbs

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Preseason climbs

Postby cabinalt » Sat May 05, 2007 6:03 pm

Hi. I am getting in shape for 14ers but it is still a little too snowy to try many of them now so I was wondering some climbs that would be doable now in May with little snow on the ground. I am new to Colorado and prefer places with lakes or waterfalls with 2 hours or so of Denver. Any help from those who have been around would be very helpful. Thanks for the help. Also when are most of the 14ers normally climbable. june? july? just curious
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Postby CG_old » Sun May 06, 2007 10:10 am

All the montains around Boulder are snow free now... Bear Peak, South Boulder Peak, Green Mountain, etc. They make great preseason climbs as you can find pretty much any workout you want to suit your taste. Flagstaff is only 1100' of gain, and S Boulder Peak via Shadow Canyon is about 3000' of gain. You can link up several (or all of them) to make an even longer workout if you wish.

I'm actually headed out there in about 30 min. Have a good weekend!
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Postby dixonallred » Sun May 06, 2007 11:09 am

South Boulder (8549 ft) and Bear Peak (8461 ft) are always a good choice for some conditioning. Together they are a little under 8 miles and around 3200 ft (Shadow Canyon via the Mesa TH). There are trail/area closures in the area but don’t effect most of the trails. Another good choice in the same area is Green Mountain (8144 ft), again just under 8 miles and around 2500 ft (Bear Canyon/Green Briar Trail via the NCAR Mesa). All of these are about 30-45 min from most places in the Denver area. Also if you are short on time these climbs take around 4-5 hrs.

Yesterday I went out to Golden Gate Canyon State Park and climbed the Blue Mountains (East (9322 ft), West (9416 ft), and Baby Blue (8805 ft). While the trailhead, Mountain Lion Trail, starts in the park the mountains sit outside the park boundary, so needless to say I had all three mountains to myself. All three together were just over 7 miles and just over 3200 ft. There was a little snow from the night before but most of it was gone by noon. Also, there is a $5 fee, since it's a state park.

If you haven’t already done so, take a look at (below). Great info and has a lot of mountains listed that are low enough for training without the snow. ... type_1=ASC

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