Climbing Suggestions (Vail Valley/Summit) for early season?

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Climbing Suggestions (Vail Valley/Summit) for early season?

Postby ChinaCat » Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:12 pm

Can anyone recommend some climbs in the Vail Valley/Summit area, which does not require snow shoes, but is a great view hike? I know that's asking a lot, but it's supposed to be beautiful here this weekend and I need a great first of the season hike!

Thanks Much!
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Postby tylermacguire » Thu Apr 26, 2007 2:45 pm

you might be able to do Torrey's from Loveland pass. I would expect most of the route to be wind scoured as it is all exposed ridge. Without snowshoes though, you will run the risk of having to post hole or being turned around.
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Postby Chicago Transplant » Thu Apr 26, 2007 3:59 pm

With the warm temps in the afternoon this weekend you will likely have some really soft afternoon snow. There will probably be some postholing on descent no matter where you go, and snowshoes and gaitors will probably be useful.

I was able to do Bald Mtn near Breck the last weekend of April 2 years ago w/o snowshoes, it was a little bit cooler day though so the snow didn't soften much. There may be a few others in that area like Guyot, Hoosier Ridge or North Star. When I did Hoosier in March there wasn't much snow on the ridge, in fact the only place I needed snowshoes was the first 1/2 mile in the trees.

Most of the stuff in the Gores and HCW are buried, as I'm sure you have seen living in Vail. Snowshoes will be a must, but also wet slide danger would be a concern. I wouldn't recommend those areas just yet, but there are some good class 2 peaks with incredible views that you should check out a little later on (probably June).
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Postby KevinK » Thu Apr 26, 2007 6:42 pm

Most higher peaks in the area will still require snowshoes at least below treeline. There may be some shorter hikes in the area that are relatively snow free but for nice dry trails consider heading west. There are some nice hikes out of Eagle, Sweetwater and Glenwood Canyon that are probably great right now.

If you're interested in joining me I plan to do Hanging Lake (if you haven't been there yet it is beautiful!) and then a few miles of the side trail to the Flattops this weekend. I need to get in shape for a backpacking trip I have coming up and would love a little company, PM me if you like.

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