New to the forum and 14ers!

FAQ and threads for those just starting to hike the Colorado 14ers.
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Re: New to the forum and 14ers!

Postby ak47 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:42 am

Advice: Climb Blanca's south ridge from huerfano th, such a fun off-trail route with amazing scenery!
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Re: New to the forum and 14ers!

Postby zdero1 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:55 pm

I climbed La Plata my first year in Colorado and it was a great step up from Quandary and Sherman. I climbed the non-standard route up the SW ridge. It's about 3,400' gain and only 7 miles round trip, which is as short and sweet as you'll get in the Sawatch Range as the majority of the routes are a slogfest. You would need a 4wd to get fairly close to the TH but they do have some spots to pitch a tent at the TH if you wanna make a two-day trip out of it.

The views are spectacular, particularly when you reach the top of a moderately steep slope. You see Huron and the 3 Apostles in all their glory. Speaking of which, Huron Peak is a wonderful climb and in my opinion has some of the best views in the Sawatch Range if not the best of all the 31 I've done so far.

I've been a couch potato for most of my life and only after moving to Colorado and getting to the mountains have I started to become active. It's a life-changing journey and I'm so excited for you to continue yours.



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