Bierstadt conditions this weekend

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Bierstadt conditions this weekend

Postby mgadow » Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:41 pm

Hey Guys,

Hoping to get some advice from people who have hiked Bierstadt recently and know the area and conditions. A friend and I are traveling to Colorado and looking to hike Bierstadt this sunday from Guanella pass. We have experience with snow camping and winter hiking but not any formal avalanche training. It seems like Bierstadt's western slope is not very steep, and there might not be much snow, but want to find out if people think there is any avalanche danger on that trail, and if avalanche beacons or ice axes are needed.

What worries me are the avalanche conditions for the front range (moderate on western slopes) with possible snow thursday and friday.

The latest reports seem a few weeks old.

Any advice is really appreciated. Thanks!


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