Trip In Late July/August

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Re: Trip In Late July/August

Postby Vellum_and_Ink » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:31 pm

I highly recommend the Pine Creek Basin. Youll start at about 9000ft and the first good place to camp is at about 10,000ft. This was the very first trip to Colorado I made. Im from Indiana and this was my first high elevation trip ever. There are campsites in Buena Vista that are around 8000ft that would work for a first night. Ive done this trail with 60lbs+ pack loads and still enjoyed the trip. From the Pine Creek Trailhead to Silver King Lake (there are two other lakes about 100 yards away) is about 11 miles. The trail follows Pine Creek the whole way and will provide water access the entire trip. You could easily get to Silver King Lake in three days (two nights getting there, arriving on the third day), and could manage it in two days with only one overnight with a bit more effort. The trailhead starts at about 9000ft and Silver King Lake is around 12,000ft. The area around this trail offers access to several peaks, both 14ers and 13ers. The 14ers in the area are Oxford, Belford, Missouri, Harvard, and a bit further out is Columbia. You also have access to Iowa and Emerald Peaks (both 13ers), and the unofficially named "Silver King Mountain" (summit 13762 officially). Ive been to this area twice and spent a week there each time. Im also going back for 7 nights the beginning of this August. Hope this helps, and if youre in the area between Aug 2 and Aug 10 let me know Ill look for ya!
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Re: Trip In Late July/August

Postby traderaaron » Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:37 pm

Pine Creek basin would be good.

A section of the CDT in the San Juans would be too. From Lake City to Silverton the CDT or variations of it pass by many 13ers. The area from Bent Peak over to Half Peak and south to Pole Creek Mountain contain is great. This could be done with a base camp at Cataract Lake. If you expand out to random 13ers in beautiful areas in the San Juans you'll come up with several options.

EDIT: I see you wanted some 14ers. Wetterhorn and Uncompahgre from the north is a pretty great backpacking trip and there are some cool 13ers in there too.

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