Is a month long enough to train ???

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Re: Is a month long enough to train ???

Postby speedyturtle » Wed May 04, 2011 11:18 am

I'm amazed that all these sub-200 pound runners are worried about being in shape! I'll drag myself up the mountains this summer clocking in somewhere between 225-240 depending how much weight I can cut over the next two months.

I'm with you on that, I train Muay Thai so I'm in pretty good (6'4", 230) shape, but I'm no slight little runner. Here's to being big and slow.

My advice is to hike bigger hills in Spokane with a noticably heavier pack than you plan on using and try to push the pace a little to build up the cardio to compensate for the lower red blood cell count.

Also concur with CO Native, avoid the meds as much as possible coming up from lower elevations. I do usually take something before hikes but I'm familiar enough with my body at altitude that even with the meds I can determine what is safe but slightly uncomfortable and what is a danger sign that should be listened too. I have seen people over medicate and then have issues because they were literally numb to the warning signs.
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Re: Is a month long enough to train ???

Postby rking007 » Wed May 04, 2011 11:54 am

This isn't really a 'training' technique but since I've been getting into climbing these things, I've stopped drinking soda, as much as I can help it, and tripled my water intake. I did read that long distance runners will take saline tabs to help with hydration but I haven't tried that. My understanding is that beyond the obvious, being stoopid hydrated will also help with blister prevention which was a problem I was having. I also found on a runners website that if you duct tape your heels really good, you eliminate blisters almost all together. Works like a charm for me. Getting all the soda out of my system just makes me feel lighter and healthier; not bogged down and sugar crash prevalent.

Otherwise, core training, lunges, and a good total body weight regime helps me out tremendously. I'm actually on the skinny side and am trying to gain weight and so far in the last month of just private basement weight lifting, I've gained about 7lbs. Not bad. I'd say one month is better than no months but the longer the better for sure.
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