Orizba Aclimatization & Logistics

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Re: Orizba Aclimatization & Logistics

Postby herdbull » Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:45 pm

First off congrats! You're gonna love it. Live it, experience it and enjoy it.

I would suggest 2 days at the hut if you're not comfy with altitude. I pushed the limits big time but have never had the slightest issue with 14ers prior to this trip. I took my O2 sensor, kept an eye on that and how I felt. I have a rather lengthy trip report if you haven't already read through it. I tried to put a lot of the travel details in it.

Hands down I would the Cancholas and the bus system. I know pretty much zero Spanish and really didn't have any issues getting to and from and around in Mexico. I also pretty much found English speaking people in Puebla at the bus station and the airport. It wasn't much of a big deal. Heck the Cancholas give you bus instructions in Spanish to give to the bus driver in Puebla.

The buses are really nice and cheap. They have random check points now where a guy comes on and checks tickets so there's no freeloaders. I felt quite safe during the whole time.

As I gather info for my trip to Aconcagua next winter I've talked with a few people here and the info has invaluable. So I can return the favor I would love to help. Please feel free to PM me, email me or call me. I will talk (your ear off) about Mexico. It's the least I could do.
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Re: Orizba Aclimatization & Logistics

Postby nyker » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:25 pm

yedi wrote:Has anyone done Nevado de Toluca as a warm-up/acclimatization hike? I know it's on the "wrong" side of Mexico City and that's why most people seem to use La Malinche as a warm-up instead, but I think it'd be cool to try three of the four tallest in Mexico in one trip (obviously Popo is out) and try Nevado de Toluca as a warm-up instead. I have no idea what the logistics are like getting there and then back to the other side of Mexico City, so this could just be a pipe dream.

Yes, I did it in December, as part of my acclimatization plan coming from sea level, along with La Malinche another cool mountain. I figured I'd do what I could to acclimatize without resorting to Diamox and that I could either stay up high around Izta another day, reclimb La La Malinche or climb another peak! Was a really nice climb, but as you said is located across the city, which was a nightmare driving through during the day in hot smoggy traffic with no A/C...driving at night/early morning would be better but was not recommended by many local people I spoke with due to safety. If you do it, I'd recommend doing it first, then doing La Malinche, Itza, Orizaba, etc.
Orizaba still waits...

I have some pics here:

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Re: Orizba Aclimatization & Logistics

Postby yedi » Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:44 am

Thanks, nyker.

That's a fantastic trip report. I don't know how I missed it.

Is 10 days enough time to do all three (or maybe even four) mountains (assuming coming from sea level like you)?

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