Completing the Journey

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Completing the Journey

Postby Buckeye-Annie » Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:51 pm

Last year I left US in Feb to do a 1065-mile traverse of the Himalayas along the upper Great Himalaya Trail route. Our group of four experienced challenging conditions in the eastern area, beginning at Kanchenjunga Base Camp. We went over many high passes, including Sherpani Col, going across the plateau then descending the steep West Col slope. Then there was icy Amphu Labsta Pass going to Chhukung, then amazing Renja La Pass (photo below), Cho Oyo Pass and finally Tashi Labsta Pass where we would descend for four days and take a jeep road back to Kathmandu for a rest!

It's hard to eat enough to keep up with the tons of calories you're burning, and I had lost almost 22 lbs when we started the 6000' up to Tashi Labsta at 18.8k. My throat became, raw, burning, painful and it became difficult to swallow, to eat or drink. Two days descent from the pass with little fuel and with dehydration and I "shut down" sooooo fast. Got heli-ed out to Kathmandu, spent 2 weeks getting stronger, then rejoined the group to finish going the last 700 or so miles to the western border of Tibet.

So I'm going back of course to finish the part I missed!!! \:D/ I'll leave around April 8th, return end of May. Many of you followed my blogging on I have an Iridium Extreme sat phone+AxcessPoint that creates wifi for my iPad. I'll be writing again--it was fun to send in stories!

The website has a Google Map that shows all the campsites, altitudes and dates. Lots of cool photos in the gallery, too. So for all you Himalaya fans, enjoy.


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