Mt. McGregor

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Mt. McGregor

Postby ray06 » Tue Aug 15, 2006 1:28 pm

If you travel to the village of Stehekin, just south of North Cascades National Park in north central Washington State, I highly recommend climbing Mt. McGregor. You first get to Stehekin by taking a 50 mile boat ride up the long, narrow Lake Chelan. Stehekin is very isolated with no roads leading into the community, no TV and few phones, so it is the ultimate spot to get away from modern civilization. McGregor is not particularly high (8,500 feet) but due to it's low base elevation at the trailhead, it is 6500 vertical feet, challenging enough for almost anyone, especially considering that the last 1000 feet requires climbing a moderately steep scree field, then class 3 scrambling much of the way to the summit. I'd enjoy hearing from others who have made this hike.
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Postby denalibound » Tue Aug 15, 2006 2:17 pm

WOW! I have been to Stehekin, not sure how many other people have.

I started just outside the town of Twisp which is about 30 miles northeast of Stehekin. We climbed up and over a couple of passes and dropped down into the Lake Chelan valley. My favorite memory came, after going 10 days without a shower we found a public dock into the lake and jumped into the 50 degree water. There wasn't really much else to do in town while waiting for the ferry.

We boarded the ferry and crossed the lake to the even more remote town of Lucerne. It was a religous communal town where people work for their stay. Women cooked and cleaned and the men built fences and repaired the building. That was way cool to see.

We eventually ended up heading up to Entiat(?) glacier for some ice climbing and up and over Spyder Pass onto Spyder Glacier. We decended the down to Holden a small mining comunity.

That whole area around northen Lake Chelan is filled with many 8k and 9k foot mountains that would put many of the Colorado 14ers to shame. Mount Maude, Mount Fernow, and Seven-Fingered Jack (that is such a cool name for a mountain, there are literally 7 spires/fingers that make up the summit) just to name a few.

Sorry I haven't climbed Mt. McGregor, but I just got excited to hear somebody talk about Stehekin. It was such a neat place and it holds many memories. I would highly recomend to anybody to make a trip up there. You won't be disapointed.

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