What is your greatest fear when hiking?

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What is your greatest fear when hiking?

Ski/Snowboard Accidents
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Glissading Accidents
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Climbing Equipment Failure/Error
Getting Lost
Getting Stuck/Stranded
Other Medical Emergencies
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Re: What is your greatest fear when hiking?

Postby Lemmiwinks » Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:48 am

OmahaAdam wrote:Was up at Crystal Lake/Crystal Peak this week with my oldest daughter and was awakened by a mountain lion investigating inside our vestibule overnight. The tracks (two sets) I found the next morning were not small, either. :shock:

FCSquid wrote:An "event" above 13,000 feet after a night of beer and Taco Bell.

Wildlife encounters don't really cross my mind much because they are so rare, but this would cause me to have an "event" in my tent.
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Re: What is your greatest fear when hiking?

Postby waterlogged31 » Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:36 am

Barking Spiders
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Re: What is your greatest fear when hiking?

Postby DeTour » Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:00 am

Seriously, I'm surprised rockfall doesn't rate higher on this list. The more I climb, the more I'm aware of that as the least predictable hazard in the mountains. I think many of the tragedies we've read about in recent years bear that out.

I feel like falling from stable rock is under my control, and I can exercise caution to not put myself in a situation beyond my ability. But failing to test a hold, or not recognizing rock ready to slide, is something that could catch you by surprise if you let your guard down for even a moment. Awareness and experience can help a climber steer away from unstable rock in many cases, but it's unavoidable on some routes. When I think of the scariest 14ers I know, it's all due to rockfall hazard: Little Bear, Mt. Wilson - El Diente, Snowmass, Pyramid, Bells. (Not sure about Capitol, haven't really come to grips with that mountain.)

Maybe voters are categorizing a fall caused by rock giving way as "falling." I would lump that under "rockfall" as the root cause. Same with getting engulfed in a rockslide. Both have taken lives of well-known members of this community in recent years.
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Re: What is your greatest fear when hiking?

Postby zephyr_pelicante » Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:14 am

Scree and rockfall.
Not knife edges, not difficult faces to scale, scree, or those steep loose rock fields with rocks between scree and talus where it's not solid enough to stand on, and not small enough to slide down, but the perfect size to break and ankle or send a slope of toaster size boulders at me.

I'd go back and forth on capitol's knife edge a dozen times before I'd decent south maroon or challenger.

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