Recovery from serious injury?

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Re: Recovery from serious injury?

Postby titaniumjim » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:37 am

awibur77, Congrats on your summit and your recovery. I had my left knee replaced in April 2011 (hence my screenname) and climbed Beirstadt in August of that year. Did Capitol and Maroon pk last summer and, God willing & weather permitting, will will finish my remaining three this summer. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you find some in my story. I know we're not all as fortunate to recover as well from a serious injury or condition, so I have to remember to stay filled with gratitude.

Question, Is that the summit of Uncompahgre in the picture?

Climb on!! Jim
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Hungry Jack
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Re: Recovery from serious injury?

Postby Hungry Jack » Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:25 am

blondeyakker wrote:The pool (swimming) became my friend (with dr ok). Gave me something to do plus work muscles in a non-weight bearing way. It's a long road to rebuild but have been back up at 14k!!
Good luck!!

This X 1000. Swimming is great aerobic conditioning and help you work those muscles. The water provides some resistance to your ankle movements and greatly improves proprioception. Get in the pool
I need more dehydrogenase.
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Re: Recovery from serious injury?

Postby mountainlover153 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:39 am

What a great thread!

To echo what many have said and gone through, I've suffered my fair share of injuries myself, and while I'm thankful that I've thus far avoided fracture/breaking/dislocation of bones, I was in a bike accident in March of this year at school (because a biker who was TEXTING while biking wasn't looking where they were going and crashed into me), and also suffered a grade three groin strain. The doctors, of course, told me I may never return to my prior level of fitness. But, over the course of several months and some physical therapy, I have in fact recovered.

There are several good low-impact exercises you can try when you feel up to it, some of which have already been mentioned. In order of "lowest" to "highest" impact:

A front elliptical trainer (the turning mechanism is in the front not the back) on the lowest possible ramp height
*easy* stationary biking
A rear elliptical trainer (depending on type this may be interchanged with a front one)
A true "cross" trainer, such as the EFX 100i from Precor (lots of gyms have these)
Rowing (because you actually have to push through your legs to row correctly)
Stair stepper
Stair climbing machine
For those of you who have experienced major *muscle* injuries (think grade three strain), foam rollers work wonders, and I swear by one for my legs. Also, it bears repeating that a proper warm up and cool-down is more important than getting "that extra five minutes" of hard-effort if you're short on time, because in the long run, failure to do this will result in injury that makes those extra five minutes...or, just plain five minutes of exercise, impossible.

Good luck OP!

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Re: Recovery from serious injury?

Postby KizH » Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:33 pm

Dear Wilbur77,

Good to see your post! If taking the initiative to write and ask for additional information is
a sign, you're already ahead of the game as far as rehab goes.

Great thread.
I especially agree that...

- Many doctors base their estimates on a patient's recovery on the "average" person
- Swimming (or exercises in a warmer therapy pool to start) would be really helpful.
- Don't rush your PT and harm yourself to your limits.
- Even if you pace yourself, being back in the mountains will happen sooner than you think.
- You're in a great place (Colorado, the USA) to be recovering from this.
- Stretch bands (the elastic ones) are great for mobility.

Based on my personal experience,
(N bicycle accidents including X trips over hoods and fenders, one incident involving a table saw)
I'd suggest paying special attention to your nutrition program. (juicing for extra antioxidants, adding extra protein)
(there's a thread on juicers on somewhere).

What's worked for me:
ice and elevation (bags of frozen peas and corn work well, just label them so you don't cook them later),
keeping wounds and stitches clean (the gel from inside vitamin E caplets aids healing and can minimize scarring),
adding protein and antioxidants to my diet, and re-framing some of the pain from rehab by visualizing the good the work is doing.

Looking forward to updates and to your next trip report !

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